Terms & Conditions

SMC Global Securities Limited (hereafter referred to as "SMC") has prescribed specific eligibility criteria and terms and conditions to be followed by the client before opening an online trading and Demat account through the website of SMC. The Client must go through every condition mentioned below and verify if he/she is eligible to open an online account with SMC. The customer needs to adopt an offline/physical mode of Account opening in case any of the terms & conditions are not acceptable to the client. If all terms and conditions are acceptable to the client, he/she should mark in the "I agree and authorize" box to open online trading and a Demat account with SMC.
  • Individual Citizens of India and resident Indians are permitted to open accounts and avail of the services through this process. At present, NRIs cannot open accounts through the E-KYC process. If the Client is a Non-Resident Indian residing in non-compliant countries and Territories (NCCTs)/overseas Corporate Bodies (OCBs), then the Client shall be required to opt for Physical KYC process and submit a duly signed FATCA Declaration.
  • The client is required to upload all documents, records, etc., which shall be verified with the originals/authenticated as per prevailing regulatory guidelines as stipulated in Know Your Client documents to open an account.
  • The client shall be required to affix his digital signature/e-sign on the relevant pages of the account opening form to enable SMC to open the said account.
  • The Client must fill necessary details and make payment online through his registered Bank Account or Net banking facility. SMC, after receipt of the payment towards account opening charges for Trading Account, etc., shall send the account opening document at the registered E-mail ID furnished by the client.
  • SMC shall reject the application if it is found that the client is barred from trading or any investigation from SEBI or any other regulatory authorities is pending against the said client. The decision taken by SMC shall be final and binding upon the client.
  • SMC does not guarantee that the account opening form submitted by the client shall be duly accepted, as the company reserves its right to reject the client's account opening application without assigning any reason.
  • Name of Client at the time of Account Opening – I confirm and understand that my name, as per the IT department, will be recorded in SMC records as the Account name. In case of any mismatch in name as per Income Tax records and name as per KRA / AADHAR / Bank Records.
  • Login Confidentiality – The client agrees and confirms that any instructions set via an online trading account, which requires the client to enter login credentials, are known only to the client and no other person. The client must not share trading / Demat account details/login credentials with anyone else. If the client shares any such login details with another person, all risks/liabilities taking place from the client's account for instructions placed by any such third person from the account will be indemnified by the client himself. SMC or any of its agents or employees will not ask for any login details or Passwords from you in any manner whatsoever.
  • I confirm that I am not an Illiterate, Disabled Person, Blind person, or Person with mental disability.
  • I confirm that I have read and understood the contents of Rights & Obligations, DOs & DON’Ts for the investors, Guidance Notes, Risk Disclosure documents of all the segments I availed, and Policies & Procedure document & Voluntary clauses.
  • I wish to activate the Margin Trading Facility provided by SMC in my trading Account. I have gone through the entire Rights and Obligations document with regard to the same and further confirm that I shall agree and abide by the same.
  • Applicable Brokerage, DP Tariff & other charges as relevant to my account is explained to me, and I am aware that the same can be modified under intimation to me.

Consent Form

  • I authorise SMC Global Securities Limited. (SMC) to access my data, information, photograph, etc., from UIDAI for opening a Trading and Demat Account.
  • I hereby confirm that the data available in AADHAR is accurate, correct, and updated. If there will be any modification in AADHAR data, the same will be intimated to SMC separately.
  • I confirm that I am an Indian Resident, born in India and my sole country of tax residency is India.
  • I hereby give my consent for allowing me to trade in all Exchanges in various permitted Segments i.e. Equity, Mutual Fund, Debt, Equity Derivatives, Currency Segment and Commodity Derivatives. I select these segments as my trading preference for investment / trading purposes. I further understand that I will be permitted to trade in Derivative segment once I submit financial details.
  • My Correspondence address is same as Permanent address, which is recorded in Aadhar database.
  • I am neither politically exposed person, nor related to one.
  • I wish to avail the facility of Internet and Mobile trading and also want to receive all communication, standard documents and Contract Note in electronic form on Email id provided by me at the time of Account opening and mentioned on KRA page.
  • I wish to execute Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI) Authorization in favor of SMC for the purpose of ease of operation considering the benefits related to the same.
  • My primary purpose of dealing in equity is Intraday & investment and primary purpose of dealing in derivative is Trading as well as investment.
  • I have no GST registration and GST is not applicable to me.
  • There are no action/proceedings initiated/pending/taken by FMC/SEBI/Stock exchange/any other authority against me for dealing in securities markets during the last 3 years.
  • I intend to invest in stock/commodity market with Own Funds only. (Not Applicable for Minor)
  • I have no social media account on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • I wish to receive DP A/C statement on monthly basis and request to receive Electronic Transaction cum holding Statement at my Email ID.
  • I instruct the DP to receive each and every credit in my / our account only.
  • I wish to opt for Electronic Access to Securities Information (easi) facilities.
  • I wish to receive dividend / interest directly in to my bank account through ECS.
  • I would like to share the email id with the Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA).
  • I would like to receive the Annual Report through electronic mode only.
  • Currently I do not wish to opt for BSDA scheme although my Demat account may be eligible for the same in future and I request SMC to continue my Demat account in normal scheme as availed by me at the time of account opening / modified (if any) to avail regular DP Services.
  • I wish to avail TRUST facility. This facility will allow us to meet the securities settlement obligations by confirming to an SMS received by CDSL to debit my Demat account.
  • DIS booklet- I do not wish to obtain DIS for time being.
  • Authority to retain funds as Running account- I wish to settle with you once in a calendar quarter and not in once in a calendar month. Further I can request for the release of pay-out any time after adjusting all dues towards SMC. I am entitled to revoke this Running Account Authorization at any time.
  • I am not having Depository Account outside SMC
  • I am not dealing with any other Stock Broker/ Authorised Person.
  • I have not been introduced by any Introducer
  • I hereby request you to consider the data like Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of address (P0A) and any other information downloaded from other sources like KRA / CERSAI.
  • I hereby confirm that data available with KRA/CERSAI is true, correct and updated. If there will be any modification in above data, the same will be intimated to SMC by me. I hereby authorize SMC to pledge / Repledge my shares/securities with Clearing Member/Clearing Corporation/ Clearing House in accordance with regulatory guidelines. I confirm that before esigning the EKYC documents, I have gone through the entire KYC and agree that all my information & details is captured properly on the account opening documents.


Investments in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing. This report is for informational purpose only and contains information, opinion, material obtained from reliable sources and every effort has been made to avoid errors and omissions and is not to be construed as an advice or an offer to act on views expressed therein or an offer to buy and/or sell any securities or related financial instruments, SMC, its employees and its group companies shall not be responsible and/or liable to anyone for any direct or consequential use of the contents thereof. Reproduction of the contents of this report in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the SMC is prohibited. Please note that we and our affiliates, officers, directors and employees, including person involved in the preparation or issuance of this material may; (a) from time to time, have long or short positions in, and buy or sell the securities thereof, of company (ies) mentioned herein or (b) may trade in this securities in ways different from those discussed in this report or (c) be engaged in any other transaction involving such securities and earn brokerage or other compensation or act as a market maker in the financial instrument of the company (ies) discussed herein or may perform or seek to perform investment banking services for such Company (ies) or act as advisor or lender / borrower to such company (ies) or have other potential conflict of interest with respect of any recommendation and related information and opinions, All disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction or Delhi High Court. *T&C